Sunday, November 16, 2014

Disneyland - Part II

Disneyland Disneyland

The kid was big enough to ride most of the bigger rides this year and we were all pretty excited.

I wish I could say that he loved all of the bigger rides, but that would be a lie. He got drenched on Splash Mountain and was so confused and unhappy (I know, I know, my kid that loves water hated a water ride).  Big Thunder Mountain and The Haunted Mansion were too scary, so we didn't even bother with Space Mountain. But Star Tours was a real winner, thank god. He came off that ride with a huge smile on his face, chattering away about how "We didn't die! We Did it!". Don't worry, we're just passing our nerdiness on to the next generation. Other big winners were: Autopia, The Teacups, and the Carrousel.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Disneyland - Part I

Knowing that we wouldn't be spending Christmas in California (we flip holidays between my family and the in-laws every year) and that my Pops would be working through Thanksgiving week -- meaning there is point in going out to visit --  had me feeling a bit blue. And by a bit, I mean a lot. So what's a gal to do? Make an insanely quick extended weekend trip home, of course. We got into town Thursday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon -- approximately 24 hours of driving over a few days (and with a preschooler in tow). Phew!

And what did we accomplish? A day at Disneyland and a small bbq with friends and family. Totally worth it.

The best thing about having a family member who works for Disney? The free tickets and discounts. How do the rest of you afford to go to Disneyland?!? Holy crap it's expensive! I know we sure as hell wouldn't be going if we had to pay for it all out of pocket. This was actually the kid's third time at the "Happiest Place On Earth" -- and probably the first visit he has any chance of remembering. Good thing we brought four cameras (two smart phones, one dslr, and one point and shoot) to document the day. Some would say that's a little bit overkill, but I say... shut up.

Disneyland DisneylandDisneyland

Monday, November 3, 2014

Insta Recap

Insta Recap
1. Feeding his dinosaur  /  2. Like mother like daughter?  /  3. Grandpa time  /  4. Vintage brooch  /  5. PUG Matador skirt  /  6. First year of preschool done  /  7. Future photographer?  /  8. 1960s garbage salvage  /  9. Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen top  /  10. New earrings in the shop  /  11. 5th anniversary outfit  /  12. Pins & needles

Insta Recap  
1. Hey red  /  2. Playground fun  /  3. Heber Valley Railroad with the family  /  4. Monkey on the train  /  5. Blue anthro dress  /  6. Fourth of July shenanigans  /  7. Vanity  /  8. Summer family time  /  9. I love flamingos  /  10. The fur babies  /  11. Jenny Lewis concert tickets  /  12. Voodoo Vixen top & wig
I've gotten pretty far behind in sharing some of my instagram photos -- as you can tell since these photos are all from May, June, and July. Yikes. If you want to stay up to date or are simply interested in seeing me at the height of my vanity, pop on over and follow me on Instagram.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Mesa Lakes

Worry wort, control freak, neurotic, bitchy, etc etc. All labels I've grown accustomed to over the years.

I am convinced that if I don't think about things, if I don't plan for then, worry about them... whatever needs to happen wont get done. My thoughts move a mile a minute trying to plan for every possible outcome. It's impossible to sit down and focus on one thing at a time when my attention is being pulled in a million different directions. It's exhausting and I can't shut it off.

An example? Here is what what I was thinking about in regard to Halloween earlier this week:

Are the TMNT hoodie & green cords sufficient for a costume for the monkey? I know he's insistent, but still. Should I have tried harder to get him into a "real" costume? I'm torn between being happy it doesn't require more effort and guilt that it's the same thing he wore last year. But if he's happy I'm happy (I guess). Should I dress up? I want to dress up, but I have no event to go to so I would only be dressing up to wear around the house or walk the kid around to trick or treat for an hour. Is it worth it? I used to love planning my costume and I'm actually pretty bummed out that we have no friends or excuse to get dressed up. I've been mentally planning to be Alice Cooper -- I even bought a top hat and cane-- researching which look I want to go for (classic "Welcome To My Nightmare" style), but I may not even bother at this point. The husband won't dress up, he never does. I'm pretty sure he hates all holidays. His general dislike for just about everything that makes me happy bums me out. Why did I even bother decorating the house? So should I dress up? I just got word from the boss man that we can dress up at work, but maybe the Coop is a little overkill for 8am on a Friday? I wonder if all of that makeup will irritate my eyes? How much earlier would I have to wake up to do that makeup? I think I'd rather just sleep and wear my mermaid wig or something equally lazy. Oh! We still have to carve those two massive pumpkins we bought a few weeks ago! I hope the kid likes it, but I'm worried he'll go into sensory overload and give up 60 seconds in. Roasting the seeds is probably the best part.... I need a new recipe/seasoning to try out this year. Should I bake sugar cookies this week? The monkey really enjoyed helping last year, but it was so much extra work having him involved. I'm an ass. It's memory making! I wonder if the husband will complain as much this year when I ask him to take photos of the process. Probably. Should I buy a bag of candy to give out? Will we even be home to give out candy? I hope the neighbors actually participate this year. Trunk or treating has ruined Halloween in Utah (everywhere?). No I don't want to go to your church just so my kid can trick or treat. Attending a trunk or treat does not mean you can opt out of handing out candy to neighborhood kids. Ugh. I think I'm already over Halloween.

If you didn't do it automatically, I'd go back and read that last paragraph as one giant run-on sentence, because that's how my mind works. ALL. THE. TIME. Then you may have some small idea what it's like inside my head.

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Recently a friend posted a link to an article about adult women with ADHD and it hit so close to home, I was kind of blown away. Like most people, I always visualized hyper active eight year old boys whenever I read or heard about ADHD.

ADHD had never crossed my mind and yet the more I read about how it presents differently in women and how it can manifest itself in adults... the more I wonder if that may be something I've been dealing with? It sure would explain a lot.

ADHD does not look the same in boys and girls. Women with the disorder tend to be less hyperactive and impulsive, more disorganized, scattered, forgetful, and introverted. “They’ve alternately been anxious or depressed for years,” Littman says. “It’s this sense of not being able to hold everything together.”

It's funny (but not really) how much clarity I've started to find about myself, while stumbling around trying to navigate the world as a special needs parent. I know my mother (and husband) would call me a hypochondriac and tell me I'm seeing things that aren't there, but that's not it. I'm not a doctor, but I'd like to think I'm pretty self-aware -- I know there's a reason why I am the way I am and it's not just because I'm neurotic or a bitch. It may not be ADHD and/or ASD, but there is something more going on and I'm going to sort it out (eventually).

Do you have any experience getting diagnosed with anything as an adult?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vanity - The Gray Lady

grimmricksen - eshakti gray shirtdress grimmricksen - eshakti gray shirtdressgrimmricksen - eshakti gray shirtdress grimmricksen - eshakti gray shirtdress

As soon as this dress was posted to eshakti, I knew it had to be mine. I usually wait for a good sale, but I just went for it on this one because I was scared it would sell out and never come back in stock (which is a valid concern, because you never know with eshakti). Well, I'm glad a jumped on it because the dress is stunning in person: such a beautiful pattern, my favorite colors, and a classic silhouette. It even came with a matching fabric belt, but I felt like the black belt helped break up the pattern a little bit. I went for my usual size, but the chest region turned out more snug than usual which results in that not so flattering button gap you see in all of the photos. I think I can solve the issue my hand stitching in some hook and eyes in between the buttons, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

grimmricksen - eshakti gray shirtdresgrimmricksen - eshakti gray shirtdress
Shirtdress - eshakti
Belt - super old, similar here
Shoes - Target
Glasses - Ray-Ban

This is a pretty standard work look for me... really a pretty standard every day outfit as well. If I'm hanging out at home, I'm probably in paint splattered black yoga pants and some ill-fitting shirt, but if I'm going to be seen by anyone other than my husband and kid, I usually try a bit harder to look presentable.

Presentable usually means a dress or skirt & shirt combo, which I know sounds kinda of fancy, but it really isn't. The older (and fatter) I get, the more I dislike pants, so dresses are really a comfort issue as much as a style issue. At this point, if my work gave the thumbs up to yoga pants, I'd have a new work uniform -- but that's going to happen, so I'm just going to stick with my vintage(ish) dresses.

Can I just say that I'm really looking forward to my senior years when I can be that old lady with bright orange hair who only ever wears muu-muus? It's going to be great.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Printable

I created this little printable back in 2012, but it's still one of my my favorite Halloween pieces. Cheap/free Halloween decor + Disney reference? Pretty great. In fact, I have it framed and centered on my mantle this year.

Free Halloween Printable

- - - - - - - - - -

Free Halloween Printable
 Free (for personal use) 5x7 Halloween print.
Download the PDF file here.
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