Monday, September 1, 2014

Vanity - 1940s(ish)

Very rarely do I venture out of my clothing comfort zone. After years of awkwardness, I locked onto a look that I feel is flattering to my body shape and that I appreciate for its vintage vibe (or, you know, it's actually vintage) -- basically I love it and I'm sticking with it for the foreseeable future. I'm not going back to bootcut jeans and giant sweatshirts purchased at PacSun. When you find something that works, you just go with it. It's the same reason I've been painting on cateyes for a solid decade.

eshakti 1940s style eshakti 1940s style

So when I do step a wee bit out of my comfort zone, it's kind of a big deal (but just for me because nobody else gives a shit, rightly so). Earlier this year I picked up a dress in a decidedly non-1950's style and it's beautiful, right? The print alone would have been enough to sucker me in.

As with most of my dresses, it's from eshakti (because I love me a good deal) and the only reason I felt comfortable enough to order it was because I could have it customized to my exact measurements. I've always been quite hippy and somewhat lacking in the chestal region (or if you want to be nice, "pear shaped"), so I've never been able to make the more slim fitting dresses work for my body. Thus my obsession with the fit and flare style of the 50s.

I was a bit nervous when the dress first arrived, but it fits like a glove, gliding over those child-bearing hips and giving me enough range of motion in the shoulder & arm area that I'm not having to constantly readjust throughout the day. So, you know, it's a winner.

eshakti 1940s style eshakti 1940s style eshakti 1940s style eshakti 1940s style

So what would you classify this as? Late 1930s/early 1940s? Although it does have a fair bit of pintucks and whatnot that may have been out of place in the war time years... (I've been really off my game when it comes to pinning down particular eras) but really, I suppose it doesn't have to fit into any one in particular era since it isn't actually vintage. Chronic over-thinker right here ladies and gents.

Anywho, this gem has been out of stock for ages, but they just released the same dress in a dark teal version that is calling my name. So some of you out there better snap it up so that I can live vicariously through you instead of draining my bank account a bit more.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Vanity - Pretty In Pink

The briefest look at this here blog or any of my social media accounts makes it pretty clear that I've got a thing for eshakti.  At last count, I have 25 pieces (mostly dresses, a few skirts, and a lone shirt).

So when they asked me if I'd be up to giving an honest review on one of their items, there was no hesitation on my part. None. Nada. Zero. Even the husband was on board because, let's be honest, it meant that I'd be paying for one less dress I was bound to buy anyhow.

I consider myself lucky that I fit into a standard eshakti size (as long as the hips are free, which almost all of my skirts/dresses are), because that is so very rarely the case with clothing brands. Normally, if it fits in the hips and/or waist, it's HUGE in the chestal region which just isn't going to work. So while I've found that there can be size fluctuations of a half inch or so either way, I'm always confident that when I order my usual size, it's going to fit right out of the box.

Now on to this particular dress: it's my usual silhouette (fit & flare), but pink and floral and super girly, which is most definitely not my typical style. I like to live dangerously (not really), so I added wee little cap sleeves and made it mid-calf length, but stuck with my standard size instead of messing with total customization. The end result? I love it!

The fabric is lined, but the whole thing feels light and airy, which makes it a perfect summer dress (although I know adding the right tights & sweater will make it autumn appropriate). My favorite bit has got to be the floral pattern -- it is has a vintage feel and is even more beautiful in person. I do wish this particular dress was a bit more snug in the waist, but a few trips through the dryer or a date with my sewing machine will be able to fix that right up.

Vanity - Pretty In PinkVanity - Pretty In Pink

I threw my hair up into a crazy lady bun half way through shooting the photos because it just got too damn hot and muggy. It happens. Plus, wearing pink floral and a high bun kind of makes me feel like a chubby ballerina (in a good way). Overall it's all a bit feminine for me, which is fine occasionally, but I'll need to give some more thought on how to rough it up slash tone down the fluffiness a bit to make it a staple in my wardrobe.

 Vanity - Pretty In PinkVanity - Pretty In Pink
Vanity - Pretty In PinkVanity - Pretty In Pink

I do wish I had better photos to show of this gorgeous dress, but my camera lens has bit the bullet. It's been having issues focusing and I finally had the husband give it a once over only to discover a ribbon in it had broken. The husband was able to fix it after ordering a new part, but it broke yet again on it's second use (on our first day in Colorado), so I think it's safe to say that it's donzo. I'm sad to say that it looks like I'll have to suck it up and buy a new lens and who knows when I'll have the spare money for that.

So if you haven't already been won over by eshakti, now is the time to give it a go, as clothing is buy one, get one free until 8/27.

Check them out on:

*Unfortunately, it look like this particular dress is no longer in stock*

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Live Music - Jenny Lewis (part II)

Continuing on with the Jenny Lewis concert videos, I present three more gems in all their shaky glory:

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Live Music - Jenny Lewis (part I)

Guess who actually left the house last night and went on what could possibly be labeled as a date? This gal.

The husband and I made the arduous (ok, like 40 minutes) trek north to Salt Lake City to see the always glorious Jenny Lewis live at The Depot. The husband wasn't super keen on going with (my poor metalhead husband), but this was the third time I was able to see Miss Lewis do her thing (I saw Rilo Kiley in 2003 and Jenny & Johnny in 2010) and she did not disappoint.

I braved the crowd and spent the concert in (what essentially equates to) the second row and it was totally worth the beer spilled on my shoes, sore feet, and invasion of my personal space bubble. I'm old (28), so this was the first time in years that I got that close to the stage -- I'm usually happy to relax on the balcony -- but like I said, totally worth it.

The setlist was great with a wide variety of songs pulled from all of her solo records and a few Rilo Kiley goodies thrown in for good measure.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wishlist - Pinup Girl Clothing

Pinup Girl Clothing Wishlist

Pinup Girl Clothing is typically a bit out of my reach cost wise, so I have to plan my purchases carefully. I always have a number of pieces sitting on my wishlist waiting for just the right sale and/or just the right amount of room in my budget.

Although more expensive than my typical clothing, each piece is wonderfully made (in America) with loads of beautiful fabric, and I've never been disappointed with a purchase. Plus, how can you not get behind a company run by a bunch of badass women?

At the moment there are quite a lot more pieces on my wishlist, but I narrowed it down to just five:

1. The Havana dress because the colors are gorgeous and I love the simplicity of throwing on a dress that can be worn to work, the store, a bbq... just about anywhere.

2. The Heidi dress in leopard print because it's the perfect leopard print for this picky gal.

3. The Italian landscape print Jenny because I've yet to see a single woman wear this and not look drop dead gorgeous.

4. The Jenny skirt in black because it's the perfect voluminous black skirt that could be worn with, like, 75% of the tops in my closet.

5. The Snow White print Jenny dress, just because. I wasn't sold on the print at first because I'm not a huge Snow White fan to begin with, but seeing it on a number of lovely ladies has changed my mind. It's much more vibrant and can be paired with loads of different colored cardigans (which is what it's all about). And come on, art by Stephanie Buscema? That's hard to say no to.
Stephanie Buscema
Stephanie Buscema

Are you a Pinup Girl Clothing fan? What are your favorite pieces?

*Are you on Pinup Girl Style? Find me over here.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Backyard Camping

A few weeks ago we decided to give backyard camping a go.

What the frak were we thinking??

The husband and I both grew up camping, but had only been once since we started dating in 2008 (we received a lot of lovely camping gear for our wedding, but had been sitting in storage since that one and only use). We've toyed around with the idea of going for a few years now, but have always put it off: "I'm pregnant, I don't want to camp. Maybe after the kid's born", "I don't want to camp with a newborn, let's wait until he's a little older", "I don't want to camp with  a toddler!"

Soooo on a whim we decided to bring our camping gear back to the house and have a wee little camp-out in the backyard for one evening. To say that the kid was excited would be an understatement.

And even though the photos don't show it, I was actually right in the middle of all of it, I swear.

Backyard Camping Backyard Camping Backyard Camping Backyard Camping Backyard Camping
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