Monday, June 15, 2015

Insta Recap

Instagram Collage - March 2015
1.My kid is cooler than I am  //  2. Family time  //  3. Stained glass at a local studio. So beautiful!  //  4. Bringin' the turban back  //  5. Feminist propaganda hanging in my office  //  6. My kid is still cooler than I am  //  7. I did an inventory of my zippers because I'm dorky like that  //  8. Marriage and stuff  //  9. The beautiful PUG Maria dress  //  10. I chopped off over 8 inches of my hair  //  11. Tackling the mending pile  //  12. Planting all the pretty things

If you want to stay up to date (and not be months behind in my shenanigans -- these are all from March!) or are simply interested in seeing me at the height of my vanity, pop on over and follow me on Instagram.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

DIY - How To Make (Retro Style) Resin Jewelry

How To Make Retro Style Resin Jewelry by grimmricksen

I'm by no means an expert (novice comes to mind), but I thought I'd write a little about my experience making resin jewelry for myself. I wont be able to tell you how to get all of those little bubbles out of your pieces (because I fill mine with glitter & pigment, so I don't need mine to be crystal clear), or which resin is best (I've only used EasyCast), or a million other questions, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. And if you're interested in making your own resin jewelry, there are a ton of resources out there on the web, so start researching (Resin Obsession is a great place to start)!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vanity - Pink Haired Matador?

You may or may not have noticed, but the blog got a little facelift this week, using the same basic layout, but new graphics and a slightly streamlined look. The last change was over a year ago, so it was a long time coming! It's not perfect, but it makes me happy when I look at it, so there you go.

I went with my standard color palette of gray, white, and chartreuse (or "baby poop green" according to the husband)... Which just so happens to be our wedding colors (we'll be celebrating six years in a few weeks), the color scheme to our home decor (if you add in aqua), and the colors of my favorite pieces in my closet. You can see why I call it my "standard".

Oh, and I dyed my hair pink five weeks ago.

Now with that safely out of the way...

Pinup Girl Clothing Matador Skirt & Deadly Dames Voodoo Vixen Top - grimmricksen

I originally posted about this skirt when I first got it, back in 2013 (it was my first Pinup Girl Clothing purchase) and this entirely work inappropriate top popped up last summer, but I've been unable to seamlessly work either piece into my regular wardrobe rotation.

If I'm being honest, I usually just wear the Voodoo Vixen top around the house when I want to feel like a badass, who could seduce you into divulging state secrets and then stab you in the liver.... or you know, when I want to feel pretty. We live in an extremely conservative community (city, county, state, etc) and I just feel like it's a bit more adventurous than I can handle most of the time. Plus, I basically only go to work & the store, so not a lot of opportunities to pull this one of f the closet. It's sole foray into the outside world was to a Jenny Lewis concert last summer and I felt like a badass AND a harlot. I think I've lived in Utah too long...

PUG Matador Skirt

Friday, May 22, 2015

Vintage - Simplicity Sewing Pattern 1526

Earlier this week I was able to hit one of my local thrift shops and took the time to browse through their sewing patterns for the first time... only to be heartbroken. Giant prices tags glued to the front of vintage sewing patterns! Why oh why would anyone put sticky price tags on such delicate ephemera?!?!

Despite the heartbreak, it reminded me of the beautiful, well-preserved patterns I have at home tucked safely into a box and individually housed in plastic sleeves -- my vintage patterns in particular.

Vintage Sewing Pattern - Simplicity 1526

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NYC - Part II

I'm afraid I really didn't enjoy the last hour or so of our time at the museum as much as I should have, due to my feet making it quite clear how unhappy they were with all of the walking and standing around (that's the killer part!).

The American Museum of Natural History Canoe
American Museum of Natural History Canoe
The American Museum of Natural History

Sunday, May 17, 2015

NYC - Part I (Riverside Park & AMNH)

I write these posts to share, but mostly to help me remember. New York holds a sacred place in my heart and I don't want to forget a second of it. 

So it may not be eloquent or visually stunning (photos were taken with my cell phone & my DSLR with an old lens in freezing weather, trying not to be too much of a tourist and with little to no post editing), but it's a record. I took about 1000 photos over a five day period, so I'm going to break it up into multiple to posts. You've been warned.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Back at the beginning of March I had the opportunity to attend a work conference back east in Providence. Unfortunately, this was a number of weeks before all of the snow storms ended, so I really only got in an hour or two of exploring downtown the few days I was there (the conference took up the bulk of my time, of course). However, I worked it out that after the conference ended, I would take the train from Providence and into Manhattan where I would meet up with a family friend and stay for the rest of the week.

I hadn't been to NYC since 2008 (my first trip was in 2000) and as cheesy as it sounds, it felt like coming home -- I may have started to tear up at the sight of the skyline at night as the train rolled into town. My heart felt so full.

My friend, a lifelong New Yorker, picked me up a Penn Station during rush hour (bless her heart) and we took a taxi back to her apartment where we dropped off my bags, quickly bundled back up, and went right back out the door to have dinner at local Greek restaurant a few blocks south.

Dinner at Taverna Kyclades

My first meal in the city was probably my favorite of the trip (although everything we ate that week was delicious): Taverna Kyclades in the East Village. Every single thing we ordered (and I swear we ordered half the menu) was delicious. And to top it off, you finish your meal with a free plate of  Galaktoboureko, a traditional Greek custard with Phyllo and honey.

By the time the meal was over, we were drunk on wine and excellent conversation -- I may have also been a little high on the mere knowledge that I was back in the city. In the end it was late, raining, and quite cold, so we made it an early night (as a general rule for the trip, there were no night escapades as my companion is in her late sixties and the temperature was typically in the teens or 20s that week. We watched a lot of history programs back at the apartment. It was great).

We woke up on Thursday to a city covered in fresh snow, grabbed some food at a local deli, and hopped on the subway to take us uptown to the American Museum of Natural History. We ended up taking a bit of a detour and enjoyed some of the snow in Riverside Park (a winter wonderland!), before deciding that we should probably head back because neither of us were wearing snow boots.

Side note: I made the not so smart decision to bring my Doc Marten boots, that I never really broke in, on my east coast trip (thinking they would work just as well as snow boats and be a bit more stylish). This resulted in some terrible terrible blisters after about an hour of exploring in Providence, forcing me to make a very painful walk to a local shop to buy some comfy Vans and sport a ridiculous number of bandaids on my feet for the rest of my trip. Lesson learned.

Riverside Park SnowRiverside Park Snow
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