Saturday, March 29, 2014

Clothing - Spring (eshakti)

Spring Dresses by eshakti

Spring is in the air in Utah and that means it's time for all of the normal ladies to break out their dresses -- I myself have worn them straight through the winter with the help of snow boots, many pairs of tights, & cardigans. What can I say, I kind of like being a little chilly *shrug*. Seriously folks, I'd rather be cold than hot because I can always add another layer... you can only get so naked before you start to make people uncomfortable.

Anywho... most people already know that I have a problem when it comes to spending far too much money on eshakti clothing. I already own 12 dresses and 4 skirts and I have the technical skills to sew dresses like this myself, so I really have no reason to buy anymore, right? WRONG. You're wrong and you should probably leave now. There is always room for more retro style dresses in one's closet (although not really because I'm kind of tight on physical closet space these days what with all the dresses, cardigans, and craft supplies).

I've been able to hold off on buying anything new for a months, but they went ahead and added all of these beauties recently and my willpower is quickly disappearing. Seriously, it's incredibly unfair that I have to spend my money on trivial things like rent, food, and daycare.

So do me a solid and somebody buy a few of these so that I can live vicariously through your beauty, ok? Bonus points for being my size and living nearby so that I can steal them from you when you're out and about.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Vanity - My Typical Uniform

Vanity - Blue Moon Vanity - Blue Moon
Cardigan - Target (similar)  //  Tank - Target  //  Skirt - Eshakti  //  Flats - Target  //  Locket - Etsy

I tend to dress a little all over the map, depending on my mood and the occasion, but I've been drawn to the "New Look" style for as long as I can remember (seriously, if I could still fit into it, I would wear my prom dress and that was over a decade ago) and tend to go for a relaxed version of that silhouette when I want to feel good about the way I look.

A slightly fluffy high-waist skirt, a basic fitted tee, cardigan, and flats are what you'll usually see me in. I take the bus & walk home from work most days, so clothing has to be comfortable and practical as well as pretty -- this outfit is a great example of all those things coming together, which is why it's pretty much turned into my uniform. It's not difficult to play mix and match when you own over 40 cardigans.

Buuut if you visit me unexpectedly at home then all bets are off! It's very likely that I'll be in a tank top, extremely unflattering chunky sweater or hoodie, yoga pants with holes and/or paint splatters, and slippers. I don't dress up if I'm not leaving the house or taking photos. But ask me to make a five minute run to the grocery store and you better believe I'll throw on an outfit like the one above. I have a mental block when it comes to leaving the house in anything that could be deemed pajamas or workout wear.

So do you have an every day "uniform" too or am I just a big 'ol nerd?

Mom and Monkey

*Trick question: I already know that I'm a nerd*

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing Confessions

Sewing Confessions

Sewing confession time: I'm not nearly as skilled a seamstress as I like people to think.

My Grandma taught me to sew while I was still in single digits and I've never really stopped. The freedom to create whatever I want with my own two hands has always appealed to me and not just in regard to sewing.

So it pains me to admit this: I'm a lazy seamstress who takes very few risks. I avoid taking on projects that I can't finish in one sitting or require learning new skills. I can probably count the number of sewing projects I've finished in the last twelve months on one hand. Seriously, it's pretty embarrassing. Specific sewing related things I've avoided for two decades? Collars, button fronts, pants, non cotton fabric, nice seams, boning, sleeves, lapped zippers, actually following a pattern's instructions... so pretty much everything. Ok, not quite, but still enough to severely limit my projects.

Sewing Confessions

But all is not lost! In the last year I have had a few triumphs: I finally learned how to insert invisible zippers (thanks to this step-by-step post), I use patterns more frequently... but never really follow the directions all the way through, I've started lining all of garments and finishing them with a nice basic hem, I wash all of my fabric before cutting into it, I line pattern pieces appropriately on the grain, I became a real adult and purchased an ironing board, and most recently I've taken the dive into making muslins for new patterns (although just the bodice, so still pretty half-assed) and then drafting edited pieces for a better fit.

I've been refreshing my memory on the technical aspects of sewing, the history of clothing from certain decades, and pattern drafting (I should break out my old drafting textbooks!) and as a result, increasing my cache of sewing related inspiration. Obviously, the 1950's have always been my go to source of clothing inspiration (the better to fit these big 'ol hips), but recently the 1940's have really grown on me.

So basically this is me trying to publicly shame myself (or making a public commitment, whatever) into stretching my sewing muscles, bulking up my skills, and finishing more projects than I did in 2013. I have a number of projects I'd like to tackle this year and they're all at least a tiny bit outside of comfort zone... and some quite a bit outside of that fuzzy comfy zone I like to inhabit. I've been relying on the basics for too long and it's time to expand. Wish me luck!

Sewing Confessions

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just Like Mom

The same day I made those mint patties, something kind of awesome happened: I was in the bathroom putting on red lipstick (I stay at home with the kid on Mondays, so I actually have time to do my hair and makeup... even if I spend the day in my PJs) and the kid became fascinated with the whole process. When I was done he picked up the closed tube and started to mimic putting it on himself. Being the nice mom that I am, I hid my expensive Lime Crime and grabbed a tube of red that I never wear (because I hate the smell), opened it, and let him go to town.

The result was glorious and I was ever so kind as to document it for posterity sake.You're welcome.

LipstickLipstick Lipstick

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Insta Recap

Going through and making these collages of my IG photos makes me think I'm a little (a lot?) vain. I promise I'm not nearly as vain is my IG account makes me look! Scouts honor. Although there is a fair amount of vanity involved when a person has a blog and participates in social media....

It just happens to be the place where I've been able to connect with other folks who are into vintage clothing and hair -- That's not a community I've been able to find in "real life". Believe me, most people I surround myself with don't give a damn about how I set my hair. -- curling iron, hot rollers, foam rollers, dry set, wet set, setting lotion? So it's nice to have connected with ladies who know what the hell I'm talking about and ladies that I find visually inspiring.

So if I look a little vain to my close friends and family (and high school friends/acquaintances turned internet "stalkers"), so be it. I don't do it for you.

1.Roadside diaper check. Ahh parenting...   2. Awesome hurr   3. New patterns for my collections   4. Black eshakti dress w/ circle skirt   5. Doctor Who-Futurama mashup   6. More hair   7. Grandpa & his parents   8. Good hair days must be documented   9. Oliver Morbo   10. Trying a new hair dye   11. Hello Dolly necklace   12. A monkey and his toys

1. Saturday vanity   2. Sad monkey   3. Pinup Couture Jenny skirt   4. More sewing patterns   5. Lime Crime Red Velvet = the perfect matte red lipstick   6. Cards Against Humanity   7. Event prep   8. Cool monkey   9. 1950s Sears catalog   10. Photobooth fun by myself at a work event   11. What my hair usually looks like   12. Grandma & Grandpa in the late 1950s

Monday, March 17, 2014

Chocolate Covered Mint Patties

I pinned this recipe for Chocolate Covered Mint Patties (by Trish at Mom On Time Out) a few weeks ago and decided to start making them at 1am last Sunday/Monday after two glasses of wine. What can I say? I'm a nightowl and a bit of a wino. 1am isn't exactly conducive to great photos, so I didn't even bother. Let's just say that it's like adult playdoh, except it smells better and you can eat it. It was awesome.

The only notes I have on the recipe are that I only used 4 cups of powdered sugar and more mint extract than called for. I kept expecting a really strong flavor like you get with a York Peppermint Patty, but these just weren't that strong, so I added a bit more flavor to try and bump it up a bit. Oh and I accidentally dumped more food coloring than I intended, so mine turned out bright green instead of pastel.

I did, however, document a little of the chocolate coating process the next morning and the delicious results. I tried to get the kid involved, but he wasn't having it, so he watched cartoons instead. Oh well. Really, I'm just happy he left me alone long enough to finish everything. Parenting win!

Mint Patties Mint Patties Mint Patties